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Need to reserve something? Here is where you can find different forms that are available for you to reserve a room, request a van, or submit a marriage ceremony request.

Can’t see the forms? You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, download it free here.

To reserve facility use at Bethany:

We are very happy that our church facility is used seven days a week.  The Properties Ministry Team is eager to see each and every room be used to its fullest potential.  In order to avoid conflicts and assure that your activity or meeting is best served, we’ve developed necessary guidelines for each group wishing to use our facility. When submitting a reservation please read, sign, and submit the ‘Bethany Facilities Use Policies and Procedures” along with your reservation form.

Facilities Use Duties for Responsible Person

Bethany Facilities Use Policies and Procedures


In order to best facilitate the use of the building, we have two categories of events:

Not sure which category your event falls under? Read the following document to find out.

Ministry and Non-Ministry Related Events

NonMinistry Related Use of Church Facilities Usage Fees

Please completely fill out the appropriate form for your event and a signed Bethany Facilities Use Policies and Procedures document and return it to the church office with fee or donation (if required) to have your request considered.


To reserve a wedding at Bethany:

Please completely fill out the following form and return it to the church office to request a wedding at Bethany.

Wedding Packet 2011