Bethany Christian Church

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Welcome Center

Welcome to Bethany Christian Church!

If there is one word that we hope defines us, that word is grace.

We are recipients of God’s grace.  Bethany Christian Church is a community of imperfect people, living in an imperfect world, who are grateful for a God who extends us grace. As we look at our failures, weaknesses, and sins, we are grateful that God does not treat us with justice, which would be to give us what we deserve.  We are grateful God does not simply extend to us mercy, which is to withhold the punishment and rejection we deserve.  Instead, God gives us grace, which is to give us what we do not deserve: forgiveness, love, a new beginning, a fresh start, hope and a future.

We want to extend God’s grace.  As we have come to know the healing power of God’s grace, it is our desire to extend that same grace to others. We hope you find Bethany to be a group of people who, when your own failures, weaknesses and sins float to the surface, will not reject you, but embrace you and help you start brand new.  Grace does not excuse our failures and sin, but empowers us to overcome them.

Our desire is to introduce you to the inventor of grace.  Our hope is that you come to know God and find grace to help you.   Jesus Christ alone can provide the grace needed to live a life of freedom.

If you are new or curious about Bethany you’ve come to the right place. In the Welcome Center you will find information concerning who we are and what we believe. You will also find information about our services and a handy list of questions you may have when you visit for the first time. Spend some time getting to know us, we can’t wait to meet you!