Bethany Christian Church

Love God, Love People

Our Heritage

We are an undenominational body of believers united under the Lordship of Jesus.

The Christian Church has a rich heritage. As a movement, we began with a desire to unite all believers under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authority of the Bible. We are a local congregation directed by leaders from among our membership.

We have no creed or denominational policies. Our only guide is the Bible. We do not claim to be the only Christians or the only church that is “right.”  We do, however, stand firmly upon the truths revealed in the Scripture. A slogan born out of the Christian Church many years ago expresses our conviction: “In faith–unity. In opinion–liberty.  In all things–love.”  In matters of faith (those areas addressed in the Bible), we have unity.  In matters of opinion (those areas not addressed in the Bible), there is to be liberty (freedom to do and act as each individual is convicted).  And in all things (faith and opinion), there must be love.

Historically, we are part of what has been called “the Restoration Movement,” a collection of churches who have a desire to restore the church to its original practice of unity around the Lordship of Jesus; obedience to the authority of the Bible; and simply calling ourselves by no other name but “Christian.”